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I'm an Interface and Visual Designer with 8+ years of experience in designing products for individual clients, big agencies and Startups. I have a huge passion for details. I'm currently location in Los Ángeles, California.




User Experience

Using wireframes and flowcharts, I define the user flow through your app and the overall location of items, features, and information. This is the skeleton of your app - the structure.


Interface Design

I define a creative direction for your product styles, colors, and general look & feel based on key pieces. I'll consistently apply that approved directions across the entire project.



An important step in designing any product is making sure it feels right. Through interactive prototypes, I can test specific actions and make sure they behave as users would expect.



Rappi · Innovation & Product Designer

Joined Rappi as part of the Co-Founder Team.
Lead UX/UI Designer since company's inception.

Rappi is now the fastest-growning Latin America Startup (YC W'16 - Backed by Sequoia).
I'm focused on the next product innovation. Design flows and useful experiences.

Grability Inc. · Lead UX/UI Product Designer

Joined Grability as part of the Co-Founder Team.
Lead UX/UI Designer since company's inception.

Imaginamos · Senior UX/UI Product Designer

I had design over 600 digital projects which include, Apps, CRMs, Websites, Software amog others. I had worked with great web and mobile developers to design professional interfaces for small and big companies aroud the world.